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Efficient Heating & Mixing Platforms

Continuous cooking systems for high volume production. Also available, semi-continuous and batch type cooking systems.

Precise Dosing System

Servo driven syrup dosing for precision and repeatability. This ensure uniform size and weights throughout the process.


Each machine has an integrated cooling tunnel with its own chiller so no additional A/C equipment is required. The cooling tunnel lowers the temperature of the product and takes it from liquid slurry to firm gummies.

Simple Product Removal

Once the product curing is complete in our unique molds, gummy ejection is simple and fully automatic.

Sugar Sanding & Oil Coating

Automatic inline processes allow for the coating of gummies with powders, sugars or oils.

Enhance the flavor.
Prevent sticking & control moisture.
Enrich the texture.


When it comes to packaging, handling gummies can be a challenge. We have developed equipment specifically to address this challenge while still maintaining good accuracy and speed.

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Gummy Tech's parent company Gummy Tech Technologies has been providing production and packaging equipment to the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical space since 1993. At Gummy Tech we're taking advantage of all of the expertise found at Gummy Tech and applying it to the gummy equipment world.

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