Everything You Need to Know About Gummy Packaging

Everything You Need to Know About Gummy Packaging

Choosing the best gummy packaging for your manufacturing needs requires taking multiple factors into account. While many confectionary gummy manufacturers prefer to use disposable plastic bags for store-bought gummy candies, you are likely looking for something more durable and longer-lasting for pharmaceuticals. 

Whether you are searching for packaging solutions to start a gummy vertical for your pharmaceutical manufacturing business or you are looking to upgrade your existing solution, this guide is for you. We are going to cover everything you need to know about gummy packaging and how you can get started. 

Reasons to Invest in Commercial-Grade Gummy Packaging Equipment 

Streamline Turnaround Times

When you are manufacturing products like gummy vitamins and supplements at high, scalable volumes, batch turnaround times have a direct impact on the bottom line. Using a solution designed for commercial-scale packaging allows you to maintain shorter turnarounds and you can prepare more batches for shipping with greater efficiency. 

Reliable Through Repetition 

One of the greatest threats to the integrity of any piece of equipment is lack of maintenance as it experiences the regular wear and tear that comes with use. Using a commercial-grade gummy packaging machine, you can enjoy the low maintenance and robust construction that is able to remain reliable even through periods of high repetition. 

High-Quality Quality Control 

Better packaging equipment helps to reduce the number of defective product units. As your quality control team inspects the packages, they can assure that they are approved for shipping. If a modification to the packaging process is required, it can be easily adjusted from the packaging equipment’s control interface. 

Market Your Business to More Clients 

Contract manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry build their reputations based on the quality of their finished products and the capabilities their equipment affords to them and their clients. With better packaging, you can ensure that your client’s products are protected before reaching store shelves. This can help generate more business development opportunities as you expand your reputation for offering excellent packaging solutions. 

“What Packaging Equipment Do I Need to Get Started?”

At the center of the packaging process is your or your client’s preferred container medium. With gummy products, these typically include resealable plastic bags, plastic bottles, and cartons. 

Resealable Plastic Bags

Resealable plastic bags contain a one-time, tamper-evident outer seal along with a reclosable inner seal similar to a zip-lock bag. These packages are typically fashioned from polypropylene plastics and are heat-sealed when creating the outer closure.

Unlike the non-sealable plastic bags used by many confectionary manufacturers, resealable ones allow gummy vitamins and supplements to remain fresh after each use. Bags are also rather cost-effective to source and can be packaged at high volumes into a larger box for shipping. 

If you want to add bag packaging to your production processes, you will need a bagger machine and a heat sealer. 

Paper Cartons

Made from tough, treated paper, cartons offer a large surface area to protect the product inside as well as ample space for placing necessary label information. 

To make a paper carton package, a cartoning machine is required. It will automatically fill each box with gummies according to either quantity or weight before sealing the container. 

Cartons can also be used as a secondary external package. You can place a bottle or other similar container within a carton for additional protection as well as expand your label information. 

Plastic Bottles 

Plastic bottles and jars are the most common type of packaging for gummy products due to their reclosable lids and generous surface area for label placement. They can be further protected with measures such as an induction seal to indicate any evidence of tampering. 

To start packaging gummies in bottles you will need three pieces of equipment: 

  • Bottle unscrambler
  • Capper
  • Induction sealer 

Other Equipment You Can Add to Your Packaging Processes 

Beyond the packaging machinery, you can also add a variety of other solutions that can help streamline your processes. These can include: 

  • A complete gummy manufacturing system 
  • A gummy finishing and coating machine 
  • Water activity meter for quality control 
  • A counter for filling packages by quantity 
  • A checkweigher if packaging by weight 
  • Labeling machine for packaging information and branding
  • Accumulation and infeed tables 

Elevate Your Gummy Packaging with Gummy Tech 

As a subsidiary of CapPlus Technologies, the world’s leading innovator of pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging equipment, our team at Gummy Tech strives to continuously improve each aspect of the gummy manufacturing experience. All of our products are developed in the USA from our Phoenix, AZ headquarters and we offer continuous training and support to help you maximize your investment in a better solution. 

To learn more about starting or upgrading your gummy packaging offering, contact us today.