Why You Should Use High-Quality Custom Gummy Molds

Why You Should Use High-Quality Custom Gummy Molds

To manufacture gummy vitamins at scale, high-quality molds are essential. Molds are one of the simpler, lowest-tech components in your production process, but they’re just as integral as your heavy machinery. 

In this gummy manufacturing buyer’s guide, we’ll cover everything your team needs to know before purchasing custom gummy molds, including: 

  • Disadvantages of cheap, low-quality gummy molds
  • Advantages of high-quality gummy molds
  • How to design and order a custom gummy mold

What’s Wrong with Cheap Gummy Molds?

Low-priced, low-quality gummy molds may create a handful of problems for manufacturers, including the following. 

Minimal Customization Options 

Budget gummy molds typically use standard shapes, such as gumdrop shapes. This restricts a manufacturer’s product design options. Ideally, your team can either choose from a large variety of shapes or create your own custom designs to meet brand specifications and honor licensing agreements. 

Durability Problems

Inferior gummy molds may be appropriate for home bakers who are working with gummies as a hobby. However, market-variety molds aren’t built to withstand professional manufacturing processes. 

When subjected to heavy use and industrial-grade equipment, these molds are likely to break down. This results in high replacement costs and manufacturing delays that negate the initial savings gained from a lower purchase price. 

Failure to Meet Client Standards

If your company operates as a contract manufacturer for pharmaceutical clients, your production capabilities must be flexible and dynamic. Cheap gummy molds may fail to meet some clients’ rigorous quality standards or unique design requirements, thus limiting your team’s potential client base. 

Advantages of High-Quality Custom Gummy Molds 

While market variety molds hold back your production options, high-quality custom molds open up new opportunities and improve efficiency. Here are the advantages of purchasing custom molds from a superior supplier. 

Customization Options for Contract Manufacturers 

The durability and customization of high-quality gummy molds helps you better serve consumers as well as contract manufacturing clients. 

If you can offer sophisticated customization options to your contract manufacturing partners, this becomes one of your team’s greatest sales assets. Offering more options to your clients improves your odds of repeat business and attracts clients that other manufacturers are unable to serve. 

Produce Gummies in Nonstandard Shapes 

Working with market-variety molds restricts your design options to a few standard shapes. 

When ordering high-quality custom molds, your design freedom brings these benefits:

  • Custom shapes that meet licensing requirements or serve branding guidelines
  • Custom dimensions and sizes that create specified unit weights
  • Custom cavity shapes that allow for precise production line consistency  

Withstand Temperature Changes, Heavy Use, and Long-Term Use

High-quality gummy molds are built to withstand industrial manufacturing. Scaled-up gummy manufacturing involves:

  • The wear and tear of long-term use
  • High production volumes
  • Temperatures that fluctuate rapidly between extremes

Budget molds are unlikely to last long in these conditions. However, molds made with industrial-grade materials are durable and built to handle repetitive use in very high and very low temperatures. 

Designing and Ordering Custom Gummy Molds

At Gummy Technologies, we can work with your manufacturing team to create custom gummy molds. Together, we’ll complete the following steps. 

Step 1: Basic Design

First, you provide Gummy Tech with the basic gummy mold design that you have in mind. You’ll provide a sample mold or a simple drawing. You’ll also provide info about your production machinery and the desired weight of your gummies. 

Step 2: Create Dimensional Drawing 

After receiving the basic specs for your gummy molds, Gummy Tech creates a dimensional drawing of your design. The drawing incorporates your team’s creative vision along with your performance requirements. 

Step 3: Order Planning and Cost Estimate

After your team approves the dimensional drawing, Gummy Tech produces a price estimate for your custom molds. The quantity and timeline for your order are arranged at this time. 

Step 4: Mold Fabrication and Shipping 

Following approval of your cost quote and payment of a deposit, Gummy Tech begins fabricating your custom molds. This process usually takes between 4-6 weeks. After completing the fabrication process and receiving the final payment, we provide notification that your molds are en route to your facility. 

Superior Gummy Molds from Gummy Tech 

At Gummy Technologies, we help pharmaceutical manufacturers build successful gummy production operations. Along with custom gummy molds, we supply the industry’s best production machinery, packaging equipment, and quality control tools. 

To learn more about custom gummy molds, contact our team of experts today.

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