Pharmaceutical Gummy Machines: The Complete Guide

Pharmaceutical Gummy Machines: The Complete Guide

Pharmaceutical-grade gummy machines are relied on by in-house and contract manufacturers alike to produce large scales of gummies on a recurring basis. Without this necessary equipment, operational scope and scale would be significantly diminished. 

Whether you are looking to start manufacturing your own gummy pharmaceuticals or you want to upgrade your existing equipment, this guide should help you learn more about the benefits of high-quality gummy machinery. First, let’s highlight some of their key benefits. 

Benefits of High-Quality Gummy Machines

Consistency At Scale 

With a professional-grade gummy machine, you can maintain consistent batch quality at a large scale. These machines are designed for constant use throughout the workday, allowing you to automate the overwhelming majority of the production process without sacrificing quality. 

Endless Product Possibilities

Gummy machines are not limited to specific types of gummy vitamins or supplements. From fitness boosters to prenatal vitamins, you can create a wealth of product types to offer a more complete solution. 

This also extends to the choice of ingredients. For example, you can use nonstandard alternatives for bases and sweeteners with the proper adjustments to your temperature settings. 

More Opportunities for Your Contract Manufacturing Business

If you operate a contract pharmaceutical manufacturing business, you can create more business by offering high-quality gummy products to your clients. This allows them to expand their product lines while also increasing their marketability. 

How the Gummy Manufacturing Process Works 

Gummies are manufactured in three phases: Cooking, Depositing and Cooling, and Coating and Quality Control. 

Phase 1: Cooking

The process begins with the Cooking Phase. Here, the base ingredients are deposited into a preheated kettle where they will cook until reaching the intended temperature. At this point, your temperature settings will have a significant impact on the quality of the final product. 

Once the ingredients are sufficiently heated, it will result in a mixture called a “slurry”. When ready, it will be removed from its kettle and transferred to a storage tank. Here, you can add the final ingredients that could include: 

  • Coloring 
  • Flavors 
  • Active ingredients 

During this last step in the Cooking Phase, citric acid is also added to stabilize the pH of the mixture. This also helps create the gelatinous consistency that most associate with gummy products.  

Phase 2: Depositing and Cooling

After completing the Cooking Phase, the final slurry mixture is transferred again to another storage tank via heated pipes. It will arrive at a hopper attached to the depositor where it will then be deposited into molds. Each mold will be pre-treated with food-safe oil to avoid sticking. 

After being deposited in their molds, the gummies will travel through a rapid cooling tunnel. This drop in temperature will allow the gummies to set and solidify after which transferred to drying trays. 

Phase 3: Coating and Quality Control 

During the final phase of the manufacturing process, you can choose to add an additional coating to the exterior of the gummy. This can be done to enhance flavor, prevent sticking, or enhance the product’s appearance. Cornstarch sugar, or oil/wax combinations are most often used. 

Once any optional coatings have been applied, your quality control team can inspect the gummies before packaging and shipping. The most important aspect of the quality control phase in gummy manufacturing is measuring water activity with a professional-grade meter.

If water activity levels are too high, this can create gummies that have an overly “wet” or “slippery” texture. High water activity also can lead to microbial growth, premature expiration, and create consumer safety hazards. 

Top Tips for Adding Gummy Manufacturing Equipment to Your Operations 

Are you ready to add gummy production equipment to your production facility? Here are some of our top tips to help you prepare your workspace: 

Update Your Floorplan First 

Start by updating your floorplan. Large-batch gummy machines are long and will need the proper floor space to install. If you are working with limited floor space, you can also consider a stacked kitchen configuration where the production line is split between two levels rather than in a linear configuration. 

If you are also planning to package your gummies in-house, you will also need to account for this equipment. There are multiple options ranging from bottle unscramblers and cappers, cartoners, baggers, and more. 

Secure Your Ingredients 

Once you’ve prepared your space, you will need essential ingredients to start production. These include: 

Purchase Enough Water Activity Meters for Your Quality Control Team

As we stated above, water activity meters are critical to successful gummy manufacturing. Make sure that you have enough professional-grade water activity measuring tools on hand so that you can ensure your product quality with greater confidence. 

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