Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Gummy Processing Equipment

Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Gummy Processing Equipment

Have you felt that your gummy production capabilities are currently not satisfying your manufacturing needs? If so, it may be time to upgrade your equipment.

Like any piece of technology, pharmaceutical manufacturing machines will eventually be replaced with new solutions designed to meet updated demands for new products. As consumer preferences for gummy vitamins and supplements continue to grow, are you ready to produce suitable batch sizes within your desired time frame?

Today, we are going to cover 5 signs that indicate a need to upgrade your manufacturing equipment. If one or more apply to your business, consider replacing your current setup in the near future.

1: The Machinery Cannot Produce Batches Quickly Enough

Scaling your gummy vitamin manufacturing requires equipment that can produce batches at high speeds so that you can generate the most value from your business hours. Slow production times can also result in product inventory issues and could dissatisfy retail partners that are looking to stock your vitamins and supplements more consistently.

A major indicator of outdated gummy equipment is slow speeds. If the machinery cannot meet your desired schedule, can you rely on it as you expand and scale your operations?

2: You Cannot Manufacture a Large Enough Batch Size

At Gummy Tech, we often recommend that our customers purchase gummy equipment for manufacturing at least one larger batch size than their current needs. You can always scale down larger equipment but scaling upwards can prove unreasonably challenging, if not near-impossible.

If you are anticipating increased demand for your products, and your current system cannot accommodate, upgrading to new machinery will prove necessary and beneficial for your operations. You can then produce scalable batch sizes with confidence that you can satisfy your supply requirements.

3: The Equipment Capabilities Are Too Limited

Older gummy processing equipment may only be designed for a limited range of products or ingredients. For example, animal gelatin-based gummies have long remained the standard. Machinery that is decades old may only be designed to work within a temperature range with this in mind.

However, as more demand for alternatives like vegan gummies rise, more flexible and adaptable equipment is also needed. Plant-based substitutes typically have higher or lower melting and freezing points than their gelatin counterparts. Machines that cannot account for these changes can affect product quality and consistency.

4: The Equipment is No Longer Supported by the Manufacturer

You have relied on your gummy equipment for years without any issues until one day, a mechanical problem occurs and you need to contact the manufacturer for assistance. However, you then find out that the manufacturer no longer supports your model and cannot provide the help that you need.

No one wants to hear this, but it does occur when working with significantly older systems. Trying to repair the equipment in-house or through an unauthorized third-party service could potentially create more performance problems if you do not possess the means to accurately diagnose, troubleshoot, and correct the source of the dysfunction.

5: You Spend Too Much Time on Repairs and Troubleshooting

Beyond whether your gummy processing equipment is still supported by its manufacturer or not, the quality and durability of the system components also play a major role in its suitability for your business. If you are sinking too many business hours in repairing your equipment or waiting for it to be serviced, this can result in potential revenue lost to downtime.

Upgrade to the Most Complete Gummy Equipment on the Market

If you are ready to upgrade your gummy processing equipment, look no further than our range of solutions at Gummy Tech. As a subsidiary of CapPlus, the leading innovator of pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment, we supply your manufacturing business with the most complete and scalable machinery from depositors to finishing and quality control.

All of our gummy equipment systems are designed and manufactured in the United States from our Phoenix, AZ headquarters. We also provide ongoing training, support, and education to help you maximize your investment.

To learn more, contact our team today and speak with someone from our team.

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