Why You Should Use Custom Molds for Gummy Manufacturing

Why You Should Use Custom Molds for Gummy Manufacturing

Custom gummy molds can withstand the wear and tear of regular use in a manufacturing environment as well as ensure a higher-quality finished product. Paired with scalable production equipment, your team can create both large and small batches with a superior level of consistency. 

Typically, molds are available in either standard or custom shapes. Though ones that use traditional designs like fruit shapes are more readily available, they may not satisfy your needs for specific products. 

For example, if your company or your client has a licensing agreement with a children’s television show, they may want to create a gummy vitamin in shapes that match the characters or story elements to appeal to young consumers. Here, a completely custom mold is necessary to facilitate those proprietary design requirements. 

If you are planning to manufacture batches of gummies in standard or traditional shapes, you may also need a custom mold that can allow for a larger or smaller size than what is commonly available on the market. 

Why You Should Invest in Premium Gummy Molds

In the pharmaceutical industry, the quality of a gummy mold is often overlooked until after something has gone wrong during the production process. Whether the mold has broken or is producing inconsistent shapes, this can quickly halt operations, threaten product quality, and lead to lost revenue if a large number of units have to be discarded. 

Instead, a premium gummy mold made with durable materials will proactively solve these common challenges. This is especially true if the molds are also developed by the manufacturer of the machines that you use to produce your gummies. 

Let’s use Apple products as an example. iMacs, MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and their many other products are all designed to operate seamlessly with one another. If you use Apple to meet all of your technological needs except for your phone, it may have some similar apps but it will never fully integrate with the rest of the tech that you use on a daily basis. This could create some obstacles when you are trying to use multiple devices at the same time, but those barriers would not have existed if you also had an iPhone. 

Similarly, the type of gummy mold that you use can either create or prevent barriers in your manufacturing processes. If a cheaply made mold cracks or becomes otherwise unusable, this could halt your operations if you do not have a replacement at the ready. 

Unique Advantages of Custom Molds for Gummies 

The first and most notable aspect of a high-quality gummy mold is its durability. As we mentioned earlier, these molds are designed with more robust materials that are meant to compensate for the rapid temperature changes involved in manufacturing gummies. This will further reduce the chance of a broken mold compromising your operations. 

Thanks to this durability, the molds will also retain a shape’s finer details for longer. This can prove especially useful for custom shapes that you may need to satisfy a brand requirement or parameters of a licensing agreement with a media property. If a cheap mold is used repeatedly, the shapes within the mold could lose their definition over time and result in a lower-quality output further into the production cycle. 

When combining durability and detail, the ultimate benefit of custom molds is their ability to deliver consistently. This will save time, effort, and ultimately money when you are manufacturing large batches of gummies repeatedly. 

Get Custom Molds for Your Gummy Tech Machine 

At Gummy Tech, we provide custom molds for our customers that are looking for a proprietary solution to integrate with their machines. 

The molds that we develop are designed specifically for the mechanical demands and temperature dynamics involved in large-scale and small-scale gummy manufacturing. You can use them repeatedly with peace of mind that they will remain durable and not wear down rapidly like cheaper options. 

We follow a simple process for developing your custom molds. It starts by sending us a sample or drawing of your desired gummy shape. After this, we create a dimensional drawing of the custom mold and send it to you for approval. 

Once the drawing has received your approval, we will offer you a custom quote that accounts for factors like the size of the molds, the quantity needed, and the costs to produce them. To start manufacturing, a 50% deposit is required. 

Lastly, the molds are fabricated over a course of 4-6 weeks. We will notify you when they are ready, and the remaining 50% payment is needed before they are shipped to your facility. 

With decades of experience providing innovative solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers, our team at Gummy Tech can create the ideal custom mold for your gummy products. To learn more, contact us today to see how we can make your ideas a reality.