Gummy Coating Equipment

Add Coatings to Your Gummies with Better Consistency

Coatings, though an optional part of the manufacturing process, can prove especially beneficial for gummy vitamins and supplements. They can help enhance taste and texture as well as prevent individual gummies from sticking together in their packaging. 

Why Use Industrial-Grade Gummy Coating Equipment?

Enhance Your Operations

Industrial-grade gummy equipment is designed to aid in streamlining finishing processes for in-house and contract pharmaceutical manufacturers. Oil coaters and sugar coaters automate these processes so that you can focus more time and attention to other core aspects of your business.

More Consistent Product Quality 

Oil and sugar gummy coaters can finish your individual product units at large batch sizes with greater consistency. This helps to remove any manual interference with the process to both improve speed and provide a more uniform coating to the finished product. 

Reduce Product Loss

Having an automated coating solution in your production line can also reduce the number of defective products that are not suitable for packaging. This can protect your business against lost revenue due to product loss while better preparing your units for inspection by your quality control team with 

Expand Your Capabilities 

Enhance the taste and texture of your gummies while preventing individual units of product from sticking together in the container. Manufacturers can leverage new scalable coating capabilities to develop new products, generate more business development opportunities, and satisfy product quality requirements for clients.  Learn more from our “Everything You Need To Know About Gummy Coating” article.

Our Gummy Coating Solutions

Depending on your needs as a manufacturer, you may require equipment that can coat your gummies in oil, sugar, or both depending on your production needs. We outfit manufacturers with solutions that are versatile and scalable along with user-friendly interfaces and the ability to fine-tune controls to your specifications. 

At Gummy Tech, we offer two gummy coating solutions for your manufacturing facility. View our sugar and oil-coating machines below. Just click on each one to review their respective technical specifications.

Oil Coater for Gummies

Oil Coater

Oil coatings can be applied to gummies as an alternative to infusing them with active ingredients. You can also use oils to increase surface slickness and prevent sticking. Our oil coater can be placed in line with your depositor equipment or in a separate area for finishing. Rated at up to 240,000 gummies per hour. 
Learn more about our Oil Coater for Gummies

Sugar Coater

Sugar Coater

Enhance the texture, and flavor, and prevent sticking with a sour or sweet sugar coating. Can coat up to 240,000 gummies per hour in thick sugar granules or fine sandy consistency. Place in line with a depositor or in a finishing area. 
Learn more about our Sugar Coater

Can Oil and Sugar Coatings Be Used Together? 

Our oil and sugar coating solutions can be combined or used separately depending on your preferences. You can swap out your coating solution between batches of different product types, create a dual-finishing sequence between both machines, or create two separate production lines at your facility depending on floor space and operational requirements. 

If you decide to coat a gummy product in both oil and sugar, we recommend first starting with a sugar coating. The slick finish provided by certain oils may prevent sugar granules or powders from adhering to the surface of the gummy.

Learn More About Our Gummy Coating Equipment

As a division of CapPlus Technologies, our team at Gummy Technologies is committed to simplifying scalability for your business without compromising on the quality of your gummy products. All of our gummy coating solutions are designed, developed, and manufactured in-house from our headquarters in Phoenix Arizona to ensure consistent reliability and performance. 

As part of our commitment to the pharmaceutical industry, we also offer ongoing pharmaceutical support and training services upon request. If you want to learn how to master your new equipment, reach out to your CapPlus representative anytime to be connected with our engineers. We also offer on-site training to help save travel time and expenses for your business. 

If you are interested in learning more about our gummy coating solutions, contact our team anytime. Our engineers can provide you with further technical information and answer any questions you might have about integrating our products into your manufacturing processes.