Pharmaceutical Support and Training Services

Our team at Gummy Technologies remains committed to helping you succeed in your gummy manufacturing efforts well past the point of sale. To maximize the value of your investment in your equipment, we also provide ongoing support and training services to aid you in your production efforts. 

Our services include, but may not be limited to: 

Equipment and Material Recommendations 

Do you want to add new gummy manufacturing equipment to your capabilities or you are looking to upgrade your existing setup, but are you struggling to determine the best solution for your needs? Our team will consult with you to recommend the right machinery that will fulfill your current requirements with enough scalability to anticipate your future growth. 

We can offer recommendations for:

  • Gummy depositing and cooling equipment
  • Gummy ejection equipment
  • Gummy coating and finishing machines
  • Packaging machines and materials
  • Quality control equipment 
  • Ingredients 
  • Molds 

When we provide a recommendation, we consider all aspects of your business. From physical floor space to your existing setup and current gaps in your equipment lineup, we will develop a solution specifically tailored to your operations. 


We can also provide formula consultations for your product ideas. If you are working on a new offering, we are happy to review your current formula and offer feedback to help you create a version that is best suited for large or small-scale production. 

Setup and Installation 

Upon purchasing your gummy equipment, our team can assist you on-site or remotely with installation and setup. This will help in ensuring that your new machine or machines are properly connected and configured so that you can immediately start using them as a key component of your workflow. 

Technical Support and Repairs

If you ever encounter any issues with your equipment after installation, we can provide remote technical support. Our engineers will walk through your concerns with you and offer guidance for troubleshooting so that you can resume your operations with minimal downtime. 


Should a component of your system require a hands-on repair, we are also able to provide this service to you. We can either visit your facility to conduct the repair or you can send your equipment to our headquarters where we can restore it to its proper floor-ready condition. 

Hands-On or Remote Training

We believe that the most effective training is ongoing and not a one-and-done situation. As part of our commitment to aiding in your success as a pharmaceutical manufacturer, we can provide you with hands-on or remote training upon request. 

Continuing to invest in training equips your own production team with the confidence and capabilities to use your equipment effectively and efficiently. For example, if you have recently hired a new technician, we can walk them through your system and answer any questions that they may have before they start using your machinery. 

Custom Gummy Molds 

Do you require a proprietary, uncommon, or unique shape for your gummy manufacturing operations? Our custom molding process is simple and can supply you with specialized molds within just a few weeks. 

Our molds are designed to work specifically with Gummy Technologies equipment. You can instantly integrate them into your production flow without any risk of incompatibility and watch as your new product ideas become a physical reality. 

Reach Out for Service and Support Today 

If you are in need of service, technical support, or training for your Gummy Technologies products, contact us today. We will schedule a date and time that works best for you to speak with someone from our team.