Lab Capabilities

Located in Phoenix, AZ, our gummy lab is where our team brings decades of combined experience to develop solutions based on the real needs of gummy manufacturers. We also offer the ability for you to test your gummy products on-site using our production equipment. 

Lab Testing for Gummy Vitamins and Supplements 

Though gummy manufacturing consists of only three phases: cooking, depositing and cooling, and coating and quality control, the process requires immense precision and painstaking attention to detail. Just one error in an ingredient ratio can spoil an entire batch of gummies. 

Gummy testing allows manufacturers to verify or modify their formulations to ensure better product quality as well as see if a certain piece of production equipment is the right solution for their needs. When you are testing with Gummy Tech machines, one of our engineers will be with you to guide you through the process as well as answer any questions you have. 

Why Schedule a Lab Test? 

Lab testing is an efficient and objective way to verify a gummy formula or identify issues in ingredient ratios for future modification. It can also provide more insight into the production process and allow you to test various manufacturing, coating, packaging, and quality control equipment to determine if they are the right solutions for your specific requirements. 

How to Schedule a Lab Test

Scheduling a lab test with Gummy Tech is simple. Just contact us online and let us know that you are interested in testing your products in our lab with our equipment. We will schedule a date for you to come to headquarters. 

Preparing for Your Gummy Lab Test

Bring your formula for your gummy products with you to your scheduled date for lab testing. You can also bring any specific ingredients that you prefer to use. We can also provide you with some standard gummy manufacturing ingredients if you do not feel it is necessary to specifically test the ones from your own supplier. 

Testing Your Gummies in Our Lab 

While testing your gummy formula with our production equipment, you will be able to see each step of the process firsthand. If there are any issues with the final product, our engineers will be happy to help you modify any aspect of your formula to ensure a better finished product. 

Remote Gummy Testing 

If you are unable to visit our Phoenix, AZ lab, we can perform the test for you remotely. We just ask that you provide us with your formula, and if we have the ingredients at our facility to test it with, we can do so while providing objective documentation throughout every step of the process. You can then use these reports to verify or modify your gummy vitamin or supplement formula. 

Schedule a Test with Our Lab Today 

As one of the longest-serving gummy equipment manufacturers for the pharmaceutical industry, we can help you test your gummy formulas and production processes in a professional lab environment. We can also provide you with the objective documentation you need to verify your results. 

Are you ready to test your gummy formula with our lab? If so, please contact us anytime to request more information about our lab or to schedule a testing date with our engineers.



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