Stacked Kitchen Configuration for Gummy Production

Save Space and Maintain Scalable Performance

Do you want to add new gummy manufacturing equipment to your production facility but have some concerns about floor space? Our Stacked Kitchen configuration is designed to help you navigate these spatial challenges by rearranging any of our depositing systems into a vertical layout.

The Gummy Tech Stacked Kitchen is available as an alternative setup for any of our depositors, regardless of size. All Gummy Tech systems are designed specifically for the manufacturing of gummy pharmaceutical products and are not intended for confectionary use.


Straight or Right-Angle Configuration

Your Stacked Kitchen can be assembled and installed in one of two configurations. Choose whether you want your equipment to be arranged straight or at a right angle to best conform to any spatial limitations or requirements.

Same Performance as a Standard Configuration

The Stacked Kitchen is an alternative equipment arrangement to our standard horizontal configuration. If you choose to implement a vertical system at your facility, this will not result in an impact on batch size, manufacturing speed, or product quality.

Safe, Sturdy Construction

All metal framework, including the staircase and upper platform, are designed to withstand repeated use and hold firmly in place so that your team can safely and confidently use your new equipment.

Integrate with Our Other Gummy Solutions

The Stacked Kitchen configuration does not impede your ability to create an efficient production line. It can integrate seamlessly with our other solutions, such as our coating, packaging, and quality control equipment.

Fully Customizable Settings

Each of our gummy production systems includes fully adjustable settings to compensate for the specific temperature requirements for your ingredients. From standard animal gelatin to vegan alternatives, you can fine-tune your machinery to ensure a higher-quality finished product.

Designed and Constructed in the USA

All Gummy Tech solutions are designed in-house by our team of pharmaceutical equipment engineers at our Phoenix, AZ headquarters. We also offer ongoing gummy production training and education events at our facility.

Installation, Training, and Support

Purchasing your Stacked Kitchen only signifies the beginning of our relationship with your manufacturing business. Our post-sale services include but are not limited to:

On-Site Installation and Remote Guidance

Our team is able to assist you with installing your Stacked Kitchen at your facility. We are also able to provide remote guidance if you prefer to do it yourself.

Education and Training

Want to learn how to use your Stacked Kitchen right the first time? Perhaps you have hired some new team members and you want them brought up to speed? We provide ongoing education and training upon request, whenever you may need it.

Equipment Support and Service

Have you encountered a technical issue that you are unsure how to resolve? We offer ongoing remote technical support as well as in-person repair and maintenance services so that you can continue producing your gummies with minimal downtime. Each system includes a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty.

Equipment, Ingredients, and Formula Consultations

Lean on our team to guide you through some common challenges that many gummy vitamin and supplement manufacturers face. Whether you are seeking equipment suggestions, need recommendations for an ingredient supplier, or want to consult with someone about an idea for a new formula, just reach out and we will be happy to assist you.

Get a Stacked Kitchen for Your Production Facility Today

Don’t let space constraints restrain you from introducing the world’s most innovative gummy vitamin and supplement manufacturing equipment to your production operations. To learn more about our equipment, contact us today to speak with one of our engineers.