Most In-Demand Beauty Gummies for the Cosmetics Industry

Most In-Demand Beauty Gummies for the Cosmetics Industry

For gummy manufacturing teams interested in reaching new markets, products that promote beauty and cosmetic improvements open up broad new verticals. 

Cosmetic gummy supplements target customer desires related to physical appearance, such as healthy hair and skin complexion. 

In this gummy manufacturing guide, we’ll review some of the most in-demand beauty supplement gummy products. We’ll also step through the essential equipment needed for manufacturing gummy supplements. 

How Health and Beauty Ingredients Are Added to Gummies

The gummy manufacturing process consists of these three phases:

  • Cooking
  • Depositing and cooling
  • Coating application and quality control

During the cooking phase, active ingredients are added. These include supplements, such as ingredients added for cosmetic and beauty purposes. 

First, base ingredients are heated and melted down into a liquid known as a “slurry.” 

When the target temperature is achieved, the slurry is poured into a storage tank. There, active ingredients are added, along with pH-balancing ingredients, colors, and flavorings. At this time, the manufacturer can add supplement ingredients to the mix. 

Beauty Supplements to Add to Your Gummy Manufacturing Line

As technology supporting gummy manufacturing becomes more efficient and affordable, more businesses are able to add gummy supplements and vitamins to their production lines. 

The gummy vitamin market’s estimated 2016 value was over 2.5 billion dollars. This value is expected to nearly double by 2025. Gummies that target cosmetics, beauty, and anti-aging will continue to demand a large share of the gummy vitamin market. 

If your manufacturing team is ready to initiate or expand its cosmetic gummy production, here are a few of the supplements you should be considering. 

Keratin Gummies 

Keratin is a protein that helps the body form skin, nails, and hair. Keratin is produced naturally in the human body but can also be extracted for supplementation production from animal material, such as hooves. Consumers supplement with keratin to improve the health of their hair, fingernails, and toenails. 

Collagen Gummies

Collagen has recently emerged as one of the fastest-growing health and beauty supplements. Collagen is a protein associated with the health and vitality of bones, organs, skin, and other essential systems. 

Hyaluronic Acid Gummies

Hyaluronic acid isn’t as well-known as some other cosmetic supplements, but it’s well-regarded by the medical research community and is currently the subject of hundreds of scientific trials and studies. Consumers take hyaluronic acid supplements to improve skin hydration, fight acne, and improve eye health. 

Folic Acid Gummies

Folic acid is a form of Vitamin B9. Folic acid has long been a staple in the vitamin regimen recommended during pregnancy. Recently, folic acid has become a popular skincare supplement, including as an over-the-counter option to combat psoriasis

Biotin Gummies 

Biotin is a name for Vitamin B7. Biotin is involved in the body’s breakdown of food and the regulation of gene activity. Because biotin deficiency causes problems in the hair, skin, and nails, beauty-conscious consumers turn to biotin supplements to improve the health of these systems. 

Manufacturing Equipment for Cosmetic Gummies

There is no particular distinction between the manufacturing process for cosmetic gummies and other types of gummy vitamins and supplements. To manufacture high-quality gummies, the following professional-grade equipment is needed. 


Each gummy is shaped by a mold as it cools. Molds come in standard shapes, such as gumdrops, or can be customized to meet a company’s unique branding preferences. 

Production Equipment

Whether you’re planning a small boutique gummy operation or you want to scale up to sell millions of units, there’s machinery designed with your needs in mind. At Gummy Tech, we offer the following production systems: 

  • GT150 – Deposits up to 15,000 gummies per hour 
  • GT300 – Deposits up to 30,000 gummies per hour 
  • GT600 – Deposits up to 60,000 gummies per hour 
  • GT1200 – Deposits up to 120,000 gummies per hour 
  • GT2400 – Deposits up to 240,000 gummies per hour 

Rapid Channel Counter

The use of a rapid channel counter allows for precise batch size measurements as your production line rapidly deposits thousands of gummy units. Rapid channel counters are critical for efficiency, speed, and record keeping. 

Water Activity Meter 

Precise control over water activity levels is necessary for producing consistent gummy batches. Keeping water activity at optimal levels reduces contamination risks, improves shelf life, and helps maintain the product’s desired flavor and texture. A water activity meter is the device of choice for keeping close tabs on water activity levels. 

Additional Equipment 

In addition to the essential equipment described above, the following tools and machinery are used by many gummy manufacturers to optimize production or to add extra product features:

  • Coating machine
  • Trays, dollies, and tray washer
  • pH meter
  • Refractometer
  • Thermometer

Gummy Manufacturing Supplies From Gummy Tech

At Gummy Technologies, our expert team has over 29 years of experience working with pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment. More than 1 billion gummies have been made using Gummy Tech equipment.

If your manufacturing team is interested in exploring beauty gummies, contact our team today to explore your options.