Complete Equipment Line for Gummy Manufacturers

Integrate an entire gummy manufacturing process at your facility using industry-innovating equipment designed in the USA by our team at Gummy Technologies. Each of our solutions is developed and tested in-house from our lab in Phoenix, Arizona.

We strive to equip manufacturers with the most complete and scalable gummy production solutions possible. From the initial cooking stages to finishing and packaging, enjoy more consistent and quality products for your business or your clients.

100% Designed for Pharmaceuticals

Gummy Tech equipment is exclusively designed for use in manufacturing pharmaceutical products, such as gummy vitamins or supplements. Our machinery is not intended for use in making candy or other confectionery goods.

Your Complete Gummy Manufacturing, Finishing, and Packaging Solution:

Production System

Choose from our range of complete production systems. Depending on your needs, you can produce between 15,000 and 240,000 gummies per hour. Systems can also be configured in a horizontal or vertical layout.

Finishing Equipment

Capable of finishing up to 240,000 gummies per hour, an oil or sugar coater can be placed in line with your production equipment or in a separate finishing area. Sugar coaters can also process other alternative granulated coatings if desired.

Rapid Channel Counter

The RC90 Rapid Channel Counter features an 18-channel counting system with a dual-lane conveyor. Fill by precise quantities rather than by weight for more scalable control of your inventory and packaging processes.

Water Activity Meter

Water activity levels directly impact the properties, shelf-life, and safety of finished gummy products. Our portable Water Activity Meter (WAM) is simple to use and can provide an accurate reading of gummy aW levels in minutes.

Packaging Equipment

Our parent company, CapPlus Technologies, provides the most complete pharmaceutical packaging solutions on the market today. Choose from a wide range of solutions that suit your production needs, such as accumulation tables, induction sealers, bottle unscramblers, dual-cap cappers, labelers, and much more.

Tray Washer

Cut down on time spent washing trays! The automatic tray washer fully and thoroughly cleans each of your trays so that they can be returned to the production cycle immediately once they’ve been cleaned.

Other Services

Beyond a complete range of equipment for gummy manufacturers, our team also offers the following services:

Custom Gummy Molds: We offer a simple four-step process to create unique molds that are 100% compatible with any of our manufacturing equipment models.

On-Site Installation: Our team will arrive at your facility to assist you in successfully installing your new gummy equipment.

Lab Testing: Use our lab to test new ideas for formulas to see if they will be successful at full-scale production.

Formula and Ingredient Consultation: Consult with our team of engineers to develop new formula ideas. We are also more than happy to recommend ingredient suppliers for your gummies.

Ongoing Education and Support: We will provide you with ongoing training and technical support as needed to help you maximize the value of your investment.

Get a Complete Gummy Manufacturer Setup for Your Business

If you are ready to introduce gummy production to your business offering or you want to upgrade your current pharmaceutical equipment, contact us today to speak with someone from our team. Our engineers will help guide you through the process and offer recommendations based on your specific manufacturing needs and goals.